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Hopewell Memorial Post 146

       Main Activity Room Rental Policy

June 2019



  • There is a two (2) hour minimum rental requirement for meetings and a three (3) hour minimum rental requirement for parties/events.
  • The Hall cannot be rented for public events where guests/participants are charged admission.
  • A Post Representative is permitted to be present on the premises at any time during the event rental period.
  • The Renting Party shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the American Legion, its Post Officers, and Post Members against any and all demands, causes of action, or any other claim of the Renting Party, its members, agents, employees, subcontractors, patrons, guests, or invitees arising out of or related to the Renting Party’s rental of the Hall.



  • Check the Planning Calendar to determine availability for your planned date.
  • The Main Activity Room (further described as the ‘Hall’) is available from 8:00 AM until 11:00 PM. Outside events must end before 11:00 PM. In all cases, the Hall must be vacated, cleaned and locked by 12:00 AM (midnight).


Fees / Payments

  • There is a two (2) hour minimum rental requirement for meetings and a three (3) hour minimum rental requirement for parties/events.

Fee Schedule




2 to 4 hours



5 or more hours



  •  All payments must be made by check, cash, or money order. Returned checks are subject to a charge of $35.00 plus all legal costs of collection. Payment may be sent/delivered to:    

American Legion Post 146, 217 East City Point Road, Hopewell, VA 23860

  • The Post 146 representative will require Driver’s License information from the person renting the Hall for verification purposes.
  • A Security/Cleaning Deposit of $250.00 ($100.00 for members) is required at the time of application to confirm the reservation. If the event is cancelled within seven (7) calendar days of the scheduled event, the security deposit will be forfeited; and if the event is catered, renter will be billed for obligated catering costs. 
  • The Renting Party is responsible for and agrees to pay the American Legion for any and all damage to the Hall that arises from or is related to the rental of the Hall. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to the restrooms, tables, chairs, lights, or any other property or asset owned by the American Legion. If the renter leaves the Hall or restrooms dirty or damaged, the security/cleaning deposit will be forfeited. 
  • If, upon inspection, the Social Quarters Manager/Rental Coordinator determines that the Hall is in the condition in which it was presented to the renter, then the security deposit will be refunded not later than seven (7) days after the event.
  • Full payment for the reservation must be received by Post 146 at least seven (7) calendar days in advance of the event.



  • Catering services are available for all events. The hall can hold a maximum of 130 patrons for a “seated event”.
  • Meal costs include drinking water, coffee or tea. Alcoholic beverages incur a separate charge
  • Basic catering costs (for planning) are:

Nr of Guests

Cost per Guest

39 or less


40 to 74


75 or more


  • Actual cost will vary depending on the menu items selected
  • Hall rental fee is waived for catered events having 60 or more people
  • Final Catering cost will include an 18% gratuity for wait staff


Rental Process Timeline

  • Rental Agreement must be completed and submitted at least 14 calendar days before the requested event date unless specifically waived by the Social Quarters Manager/Rental Coordinator.
  • Social Quarters Manager/Rental Coordinator and the Renting Party will jointly inspect the Hall and its equipment to ensure the Hall is in proper condition for the Renting Party’s use during the rental period.
  • Full payment must be received not later than seven (7) calendar days before the date of the event.


Setup / Decorations

  • The Renting Party shall coordinate with the Social Quarters Manager/Rental Coordinator to arrange setup time and closing time.
  • For events starting before 9:00 am, the Hall may be setup/decorated during the evening of the preceding day, if the Hall is available. For events starting in the afternoon or evening hours, the Hall may be setup/decorated during the morning or afternoon of the event day.
  • A limited number of decorations may be attached to the walls. Only BLUE painters’ tape may be used for table settings and for all other decorations used throughout the Hall (AVOID STAPLES, TACKS, or SCOTCH TAPE AS THEY WILL DAMAGE THE WALLS AND FURNITURE, and Renters will be assessed repair fees).
  • All decorations must be removed at conclusion of event.
  • The Renting Party must provide all needed disposable paper products, utensils, etc. Items owned by the post (disposable paper products, utensils, etc.) are not to be used by the Renting Party. Unauthorized use of Post supplies or materials will result in forfeiture of the security/cleaning deposit.


  • Maximum capacity for the Hall is 250 persons and may not be exceeded at any time.
  • All exit doors shall remain unlocked and must remain accessible at all times during an event.
  • Parking is available on the premises. Post 146 assumes no responsibility for any vehicle parked on Post 146 property or any adjacent property in order to attend events held at the Hall.
  • The Renting Party shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations and shall not use or occupy the Hall for any unlawful purpose or permit others to use or occupy the Hall for any unlawful purpose.
  • The consumption or possession of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia is prohibited at all times on any part of the property.
  • Possession of firearms within the Hall is prohibited unless specifically authorized by law and approved by the Post 146 House Committee. Firearms are expressly prohibited when alcohol is served.
  • Renting Party is responsible for complaints received after 11:00 PM regarding loud noises coming from inside or outside the building.



  • No candles or open flames are permitted inside the Hall at any time. Fireworks or pyrotechnics are not permitted on any part of the property at any time.



  • Renting Party is responsible for Hall clean-up which consists of:
  • All food/beverage spills cleaned up
  • Tables and chairs wiped clean
  • Return tables and chairs to the location where they were provided
  • Hall and bathroom floors will be swept clean
  • All trash cans will be emptied and new liners installed
  • Parking area and other outside areas will be cleaned of any litter and smoking materials
  • All food brought by the Renting Party will be removed from the premises at the conclusion of the event
  • Renting Party is responsible to remove and properly dispose of all event trash
  • The security/cleaning deposit will be forfeited and an additional cleaning fee may be assessed if more than routine cleaning is required to return the hall to the condition it was prior to the event.


Alcoholic Beverages

Having alcoholic beverages present at an event requires additional actions on the part of the renter. Review the Alcoholic Beverage Policy if alcoholic beverages are planned to be part of the event.


Other Spaces within the American Legion Building

Only members of any recognized American Legion, Sons of the American Legion (S.A.L.) or American Legion Auxiliary (A.L.A) are allowed in the Post Club Room; and the Club Room may not be used for any other purpose. Use of the Club Room is not included in this Rental Agreement.


Amendments and Changes

This policy may be changed, amended or updated at any regular meeting of the Executive Committee. Proposed changes, amendments, or updates must first be presented to the full Executive Committee for review and discussion at least one regular meeting prior to taking a vote on accepting the proposed change, amendment or update.



Robert H. Brown, Jr.